culatello parma

We re-created the ideal environment for cured meats

Nostalgically remembering the aging methods used by his grandfather and father, Giovanni Schianchi wanted to recreate the same atmosphere for his fragrant cured meats of today.

There was a time when they followed this process exclusively in the winter. Hung in the granary for a season, upon spring’s arrival the meat was transferred to the cellars of houses with specific characteristics: the cellars were buried completely underground, the floors were made up of simple bricks laid out on the ground, and humidity filtered slowly from the stone walls, due to the fact that at the time insulation wasn’t used in the foundation of the houses.

These characteristics created a microclimate that was ideal for the aging process. The environment was cool (17-19° C; 62-66° F), and the humidity was constant.
Today, in his traditional farm house, Giovanni has reproduced the same environment.; The cellars are buried completely underground and the walls are covered in bricks, along with the floors, where the bricks are laid “dry” (without concrete).
This has enabled the recreation of those old climatic conditions in which the cured meat “rests”, and matures harmoniously.

The aging process being completely natural (without the assistance of computers, drying kilns, dampeners, etc.), it is necessary to keep a watchful eye and an expert “nose” on the process, along with continuous surveillance.
This is the only way that we can be sure to replicate in our products the uniqueness of the cold cuts made in the old times.