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La Porchetta: Parma salami, Culatello with pigskin, Parmesan cheese

Since 1880 SCHIANCHI family had been owner of the homonymous farm, named now “ La Porchetta”, placed in the mild hills of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine. It is still situated in the little village called Case Schianchi, in the municipal district of Langhirano, capital of the Parma ham.

The farm manages a little swine breeding, and it produces a range of typical “ salumi” as “salame”, “ coppa”, “Cicciolata di Parma®”, “ culaccia” etc., following accurately the ancient traditions.

The farm “La Porchetta” has been productive in the agriculture field since back in 1880 ( milk-cow breeding, and barley and oats growing). Then, in 1960 it began to breed swine for the production of the “prosciutto” from Parma.

During the years, the owner, Mr. Giovanni Schianchi decided to meet the requirements of his special customers, fond of tastes of the old days and of ancient traditions, when the swine was the “main character” of the long parmesan winter.

So he began a restricted production of typical “ salumi”, as the “ salame” and the “ cicciolata” (which are still produced).

Mr. Giovanni has always been in countertendency as regards the alimentary technics that exceed the times of seasoning and quicken them; in fact in this way the product loses its main characteristics as the scent and the delicate taste that can be obtained only with a slow seasoning.

He prefers to follow the ancient methods for his “salumi”. In the old days, during the winter, the pork-butcher used to go from door to door to kill and to slaughter the fattening porks, to obtain then the various “ salumi” that were seasoned in the freeezing barn.

They seasoned in a natural way and so they needed a long time.

Today we apply the same concept for our “ salumi”: homemade working, meats of high quality, love for the traditions and a great deal of patience.

This allows us to create simple and high quality products at the same time, and besides it is impossible to find them in the large-scale retail trade.

Parma Ham lavorazione

The whole production takes place inside our new workshop, CE IT 9-3185 L certified, inaugurated
the first of May 2002 and built following the most severe hygienic-sanitary CE rules.