Our business is part of the “Consortium Protection of the Spalla di San Secondo”

This ancient appreciated “salume” ( concerning this, documents gone back to 1170 have been found) is obtained from the anterior shoulder of the swine ( scapula), boned and left to rest uncooked in the spices and spicery for 15 days. Then it is tied strictly by hand so that it looks like a great sphere, which is seasoned for 25/30 days. At last it will be cooked at low temperature in water ( about 75°) for several hours.

This manufacturing cycle gives to the “Spalla Cotta” named of San Secondo ( little village in the low parmesan plain from where it originates) a particularly delicate scent and fragrance, expecially if it is served hot.

It’s excellent as an appetizer on its own, or along with other cold cuts, accompanied by warm homemade bread, or with the classic Italian fried salted pie (in other regions called “gnocco”).

It is unique as a main meat course served hot. We recommend slicing the product fairly thickly and heating it in a water bath, between two plates placed above a pot of boiling water.

Pair it with a red Colli di Parma DOC.


Once unwrapped, it is advised to cover the product in plastic wrap and to keep it in the upper part of the refrigerator for a maximum of 7 days.

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Porzioni Spalla

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