Our “porchetta” is different from the industrial “porchetta”, that is produced with “lonza” and “pancetta” rolled up round it, and it is also different from the famous “porchetta” from “Ariccia”, made with swine of almost a quintal of weight and filled with spices. Our “porchetta” on the contrary, is made with young swine of 30 kg of weight maximum. It means that once boned, taken out the meat of the ham that is inside, treated, sewed and cooked, it weighs 15 kg maximum.

But its peculiarity is to be flavoured with very little spices, a bit of salt and pepper and without preservatives, maintaining a delicate and genuine taste.

The cooking is slow, in the oven at low temperature ( 130° maximum) as to leave intact the fragrance and the aroma and to give a wonderful caramel colour to the pigskin.

The pork roast (porchetta), after which our business is named, has made us famous in the Parma province at all the events and summer fairs that we provide for, where this delicatessen is the unrivalled “king second course”.

It is ideal to serve in one piece at buffets, lunches, receptions, and weddings, considering its noteworthy picturesque appearance.
It is unique as a main meat course: sliced into pieces, heated in the oven covered in aluminum wrap, then served with lemon slices and baked potatoes.

It will make you lick your mustache clean when sliced thinly, with a pinch of pepper, and placed between two slices of warm homemade bread.


Once unwrapped, keep it covered in plastic wrap in the upper part of the refrigerator and consume within 7 days.


We make portions of all sizes. Please send us an e-mail indicating the product weight you would prefer.

It is divided into variable slices ( from 500 gr. to 5 kg.) and vacuum-packed.

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Porzioni porchetta

1 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 2 kg, 20 kg