The “Culatta” is obtained from the femoral part of the ham, the most appreciated, the “fiocco”, produced in the low Parmesan plain.

The fresh “fiocco” obtained from the leg of the swine is salted and seasoned in cold stores at a controlled temperature and humidity for about 6 months. Then it is transferred into our underground cellars, where all year round there is an uniform microclimate, and it remains here for at least other 6 months.

The advantage of this “salume” is that, it is without bone, and so it is ready for a constant and regular cut ( unlike the “prosciutto crudo” that have to be boned and consequently a great part is wasted in the “gambetto”) and it is possible to eat it till the last slice, throwing away only the pigskin.

Hang the whole piece in the basement or elsewhere, making sure that the room temperature isn’t too hot (no more than 22°C, 72°F)
After you begin to slice into it, protect the exposed part of the meat with plastic wrap before putting it away in the lower part of the refrigerator, covering it with a canvass moistened with white wine.

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Culatta tipologia
Porzioni Culatta

2 Kg, 5 Kg