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Available portions: entire Salame, approximately 700gr

entire salame - approximately 700 gr € 10,15



While the "Felino" is usually dryed and hot seasoned to quicken the ripening, our " salame" follows closely the ancient method when the "salumi" were hung in the granary, and seasoned by the time and by the cold and dry climate of the winter along with the gentle breeze coming from the Golfo of La Spezia. In this way the "salumi" ripen gradually and preserve their natural tastes.

This is why our "salame" needs at least 60 days to reach a right seasoning.

It is made with roughly minced slices of "lonza" and lean "pancetta", salt, aromatic herbs and spices. Everything is then made into sausages in a natural bowel ( filzetta) and tied strictly by hand.

With the same method we produce also the "salame Felinetto" of the weight of about 300 gr. And the "Cacciatorini": they are the same as concern the recipe of the mixture, but different in the tie. Numerous little "salami" tied together are very convenient for the use.

N.B. It is important to point out that in the mixture are not added flours, starter and everything else that can quicken and modify the natural process of seasoning. So the taste is mainteined as genuine as possible.

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