Cicciolata from Parma®


Available into slices of variable weight ( from 500 gr. to 5 kg.) and vacuum-packed

Cicciolata di Parma -vacuum-packed slice- approximately 2 kg € 20,00
Cicciolata di Parma -vacuum-packed slice- approximately 1 kg € 10,00
Cicciolata di Parma - slice - approximately 500 gr € 5,00



Typical of the province of Parma, the "cicciolata" is an ancient "poor" traditional . It is also our most famous product.

In fact for our experience in this field, we have been invited in RAI and exactly in the program "LA VECCHIA FATTORIA" to show how to prepare this delicious product. (Watch the broadcast of the film in the section "Reviews of La Porchetta-Videos").

Cicciolata is produced with the best parts of the swine head (guanciale), and crunchy "ciccioli".

A mixture is prepared mincing roughly the "guanciale", once cooked it into water and herbs ( like onion, bay leaves ...) on a low flame for 5/6 hours The mixture is then mixed to the "ciccioli" fried in the lard and properly pressed adding salt, pepper and spices.

Everything is pressed hot inside linen towels so that the excess fat and water goes out. Once completed the pressing, the shape is removed from the linen. Then it is placed for 24 hours in a cold store at very low temperature ( -4/5 C° ) to dry and cool down.

It’s a classic among Parma winter starters.

It’s excellent as a thinly sliced cold cut, ideal as a snack cut into cubes, and served with an aperitif in the place of the usual bologna.
Otherwise, as was once common, it can be laid across steamy polenta and topped with a bit of grated parmesan; a truly succulent dish!



Once the wrapping has been removed, cover with plastic wrap and consume within 7 days.

Afterwards it is divided into slices of variable weight ( from 500 gr. to 5 kg.) and vacuum-packed.

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