• on the sweet hills of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines has headquarters the farm

    La Porchetta

  • Since three generations we produce and sell

    the traditional meats from Parma

  • we work with passion the fresh meat of our pigs and turn them into

    succulent meats

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Porchetta at home

Tasty new idea for holidays, birthdays and buffets. Freshly baked, right to your door ready to be sliced.

  • Deliveries throughout the province of Parma
  • On request, a cutter will slice the pork on delivery
  • Porchetta 10, 15 and 20 kg: Choose the right one for you!
Do You want to be sure what you're buying?

Take a closer look: testing our "anti-rip" method of buying

  • Choose the product
  • Send us a message
  • We will send via Whatsapp one or more photos taken at the time of the exact product you take home

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